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The Wonder House

Jun 29, 2020

In Episode 7, I speak to Arike Oke, Director of the Black Cultural Archives. We talk about the people-centred core values that Arike brings to her work and the resilience required to push forward a challenging agenda of change to an organisation.

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Nov 6, 2019

Subhadra Das has kindly let us share the first episode of Bricks + Mortals, a history of eugenics told through a walking tour of UCL's buildings. While Marie Stopes is widely celebrated as a feminist icon and champion of birth control, this episode explores her eugenic motivations which are less well-known. 
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Nov 6, 2019

To kick off this new series, I speak to Subhadra Das (@LittleGaudy), Curator of the Science Collections at UCL. Subhadra is doing some really exciting work re-assessing UCL’s scientific and natural history collections and bringing them to wider public knowledge in new and innovative ways – from...